Who am I ?



I am a life science graduate and currently teaching as TGT Science in a public school in India. 

I have always reading books. Many of my friends claim that I was “Queen of nerds” back then… Hahaha. I have always accepted this title happily. I believe it gives you a great deal of edge towards others when you are well read. My interest in writing aroused when me and my family went through a emotional crisis. At that time, I start pouring my emotions on pages. Later , down the line it became my passion.

Ink Sword is my attempt to make this world best place possible. It will focus on every aspect of your life. It will basically encourages you to live a life that is full of peace, love and happiness. I want to create something special here. Ink Sword will try to improve you as a human being.

Other facts about me :

( 1) My life revolves around good books and good music. I listen to almost every kind of music. But I am die hard fan of EMINEM. He is lyrically insane. I can’t get this song of me out of my head.

(2) I love wearing black and high heels ( although they kill me =D )

(3) I believe firmly in spirituality.

(4) I am a complete foodie. I used to eat lot of junk food but from past 6 months I am eating like an athlete.

(5) I am multi passionate person with many interests and I want my blog to reflect me as a person. 






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