Hooded Figure


Dubai, UAE - March 2013

ME: What was that ? I think someone is there.

Kevin: Where?

ME: Behind the bushes.

Kevin : No one is there

Me : I just saw something……..Please go and check it.

Kevin reluctantly got up because of my constant pleas. He came back twenty seconds later giving me the look of “I told you so”.  No one is there, he said.

We both went home after that. All the way back to home, I was wondering about that hooded figure behind the bushes. I was so busy thinking about it that I didn’t even notice Kevin giving  me a peck on the cheek. Chain of my thoughts were broken by roar of his motorcycle.

I will see you tomorrow, he said.

I went straight back to my room. I thought it might be some sort of illusion……may be I am hallucinating.  With these weird thoughts I kissed the night goodbye.

But very next day something happened which proved that it was not hallucination. I saw that figure again..This time I could even see it’s lower face. It was smiling at me. To my amazement nobody else was able to see it. I tried to talk to kevin about it but he didn’t pay any attention.

Slowly my fears melted away and I  smiled back at it.. It never spoke anything but we still developed a strong bond. After a while that hooded figure never left me alone. It was always there with me. But as happiness loves to play hide and seek , suddenly .Kevin  started ignoring me. He reduced interactions with me………..he stopped calling like before……….and to my amazement that hooded figure also started smiling less. One day finally kevin called just to reveal that he loves someone and will not be able to continue things with me.  He didn’t even listen to what I have to say………he just called it off……….That hooded figure finally removed his hood completely and I saw it’s whole face for very first time…………….I saw the big wet eyes ………..before I was able to say anything…….that figure came near and kissed me while murmuring goodbye…………I didn’t understand anything…   I tried to stop that figure but it vanished. Till today  I couldn’t understand it………..I could only tell what it felt like……It felt like Everything I ever owned was taken away from me…..all at once.

can you guess who that hooded figure was????



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