Desire of a soul

Path of the soul

A middle aged woman with blonde hair was crying really hard.

we did all we could. I know I am being rude but it’s a miracle that he has made this far. His body has nothing left but he is not giving up. These words made Maria cry even more hard.

“He is my son” said Maria. “I can’t see his pain.

Suddenly door swung open and 6 feet  5 inches tall muscular guy entered in. He has swollen eyes and bruises all over his body.

“ Where is he “, he asked.

“where is he, tall guy asked again with an authoritative tone.

“Room number  302, Doc said.

Joseph wait, said Maria. Please, I beg you. He needs his father not his coach. You cannot control yourself. Joseph kept on marching ahead to the elevator with heavy steps while ignoring the pleas of his ex wife. Internal conflict of joseph was well hidden by his poker face. He reached in front of  room number 302 with in minutes. He opened the door with his shaking hands. He saw his kid lying on bed covered up to neck in white sheets.  He sat next to him. He rubbed his trembling hand over his bald head.

“ Hey buddy, said Joseph.

Is that you, dad? Said low voice covered with pain.

Yes champion, it’s me.

How was your match dad? You won, right?

I lost, said Joseph while tightly holding his gold medal in his left pocket.

But dad, you always win.

It was not my day buddy. I tried and tried but my body gave up. But this doesn’t make me a looser. Sometimes you have to  let it go and start another day. Fight another day.

Is it dad?

Yes, sweetheart.

Can I ask you something, dad?

Ofcourse, Son.  Anything.

Are you proud of me dad? Sorry for disappointing you. I lost the final match. We worked so hard. You worked so hard.

At this question poker face of Joseph melted away . Lines of worry appeared on his forehead.  The tough guy could not hold it anymore. Tears start pouring out of his eyes.  His eyes were crying river.

I am proud of you , son. Every day. Every moment. I am proud of you. I love you so much. You are a wonderful son.  His hand was still on his kid’s forehead. It doesn’t matter  that you lost. You are my champion. Next time, you will win. I promise.

Thanks dad. This is the best conversation we ever had. I feel like sleeping. I am tired. I want to sleep.

Yeah, You do that buddy, said Joseph with tears  all over his face.

With in 50 seconds  there was a loud beep sound.

Time of death – 10:50 P.M…… said the nurse.

“Soul has left the body because it finally got what it wanted most. ”

Love and acceptance .



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