Bhawana Dixit


I thought we would be together forever

see the shine of the ring

that still lies on my dresser

but you started sneaking out

and stabbed me right in the heart

you very well know

I am not habitual of those little darts


Although it has been ages

but those darts still quivers in my heart

and all this makes me think

does love ever last?


Memories don’t just seep away

and they come out in middle of the night

Neighbors hear everything

but they still turn out their lights

my restless soul and my bloodshot eyes

keep roaming churches in day as well as night


Now I don’t let people near

and keep them at arm’s length

Coz I am already broken

“watch out for shards of glass” , I say

I don’t want anybody to get hurt

First it was us

but now it’s just me against the whole wide world



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