You are a star


you are a sstar

I was lying in dust

waiting for somebody to pick me up

but all hands moved away from me

after filling mockery in my empty cup

they seemed to enjoy my life’s disrupt


My beliefs were shaking

and my truth was dying

my sun was setting

and my demons were on the rise

I was at my lowest of all the time


Then I called the divine power that I trust

It came in no time

and quoted while picking me up

” My child, you are a star”

don’t let your talents rust

no one hits harder than life

and it will keep you

on your knees till you allow it to


So when you fall from height

and lie in dust

dust yourself of all lies, betrayals and deceits

don’t wait for somebody to pick you up

believe in yourself and get up

Coz you are a star

and stars always find their way up



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