Drowning my demons





If there is anyone I hate in this freaky planet…..it’s Aakansha. She keeps me on my toes everytime. I can never sleep completely because of her. My mind never rests. I have decided to kill that girl. She is root cause of all my problems. She has to pay for what she is doing to me all of my life. Everytime I look in the mirror all I see is scars she gave to me. It was high time. I couldn’t take it anymore. All my emotions have vaporized, all I have left with is hatred towards her. I pulled out my knife. I found Aakansha hiding in the closet ……blood rushed into my veins ……..I grabbed her by her hair……She begged for mercy ……..but I didn’t listen……I stabbed her multiple times. It was blood everywhere. I ended it ….or atleast I thought I did.
Because this morning I saw her again. She looked old, tired and worn out. I stabbed her again with all my might. To my amazement this time she laughed but I did kill her again.
I had defeated Aakansha again……….my archenemy…….my fears and demons (Aakansha) that live inside me.
Yeah I have a name for embodiment for my fear
It was all my life’s worth to keep defeating Aakansha.
I live to defeat her.
Again and again.
Because I have lost a battle or two but I intend to win the war and for that I have to defeat my fears and internal demons.


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