Hooded Figure

  ME: What was that ? I think someone is there. Kevin: Where? ME: Behind the bushes. Kevin : No one is there Me : I just saw something……..Please go and check it. Kevin reluctantly got up because of my constant pleas. He came back twenty seconds later giving me the look of “I told … More Hooded Figure

Desire of a soul

A middle aged woman with blonde hair was crying really hard. we did all we could. I know I am being rude but it’s a miracle that he has made this far. His body has nothing left but he is not giving up. These words made Maria cry even more hard. “He is my son” … More Desire of a soul


  I thought we would be together forever see the shine of the ring that still lies on my dresser but you started sneaking out and stabbed me right in the heart you very well know I am not habitual of those little darts   Although it has been ages but those darts still quivers … More SHARDS OF GLASSES

You are a star

  I was lying in dust waiting for somebody to pick me up but all hands moved away from me after filling mockery in my empty cup they seemed to enjoy my life’s disrupt   My beliefs were shaking and my truth was dying my sun was setting and my demons were on the rise … More You are a star


    It was hot and dark. Aashima couldn’t even walk straight. Her body was in pain. Still somehow she managed to enter the near by room. She got near the mirror and start putting her make up on for the next client. As she was putting up her eye linear , she saw from … More ” THE HELL”